15 Things Introverts Do Much Better

Softly spoken, never tempered, thoughtful and always understanding - what is there not to love about introverts?

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Softly spoken, never tempered, thoughtful and always understanding - what is there not to love about introverts?

Compared to their extroverted counterparts they tend to enjoy the quieter side of life but with this in mind they are under no circumstances to be underestimated; they are a smart bunch who focus the majority of their energy on the things they truly enjoy doing. Constantly thinking, always reacting to their environment and making clever decisions along the way that allow them to live their lives just the way the wish.

Famous Introverts include Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and Bill Gates who probably reached the dizzy heights of success by knuckling down and focusing on what was important.

If you need a good friend, an excellent partner or just someone to talk with then find your nearest introvert and hold them close to you (no matter how much they struggle and resist) because these guys are invincible when they get started and are truly the best at quite a few things...

15. Better Lovers

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Facts are facts; introverts are undoubtedly better lovers in bed. They care more for their partner than for themselves and also the introverted don't enjoy making mistakes so they spend a lot of time preparing for things. Don't expect to just pounce on them to see if they are 'up for it' because they won't be but if you set up a romantic evening together they would have researched every article and online-video about how to take your pleasure to the max.

Hooray the introverts!

14. Not Running Up A Huge Bill In A Restaurant

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Staying in and cooking a delicious home-cooked meal is more enjoyable than going out in an introverts opinion but if they have found themselves in a situation where forced to actually dine in a restaurant they ideally want to be in and out in less than a couple of hours, so hold the second bottle of wine and don't worry about dessert because there's already a cab waiting outside to take them back home.

13. They Are Experts In Their Field

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Introverts tend to attach themselves to one thing they enjoy doing and then stick to it. They put a lot of time and effort into 'getting things right' so you can guarantee if you find what their selected subject of choice is and engage in conversation with them about it then you are in the safe hands of a true expert.

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