15 Things Introverts Do Much Better

12. Excellent Conversations

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Cut out the small talk, the idle gossip and terrible jokes because introverts only open their mouths when they have something of true value to say. Conversation flows better between them as they are more sensitive towards others so can really understand exactly what point you€™re trying to get across or opinion you feel strongly about.

11. Respecting Your Alone Time

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Even the most extreme of extroverts need alone time and this is fully respected by introverts. We won€™t chase you, claim you€™re €˜running away€™ or worry about you hiding things because the need for €˜down-time€™ is never more respected than it is by introverts.

10. Gifts Are Very Thoughtful And Unique

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It€™s your birthday and when all your extrovert friends believe a heavy slap on the back and shout of €˜I€™ll get the shots in for your birthday€™ is a pleasant enough it€™s actually your introverted friends who will find the perfect gift for you. Personalised memory books, handmade trinkets, a carefully selected mix tape; too kind for words.

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