15 Weird Christmas Foods You Hope You Won't See This Holiday

A bird within a bird within a bird within a dream. No wait, that's Inception.

Christmas has long been a lot more than Christian holiday. While the day is supposed to be about spending time with family and bringing good will to others, much of the focus seems to fall on consumerism instead: in the run up there's Black Friday and Cyber Monday and other ominous sounding things that combine pugilism and shopping. And as for the day itself you wind up spending way too much money on crap for people you don€™t really know and definitely don't really like. Cynicism aside, when you finish reaching the limit on your credit card and poorly wrapping things in weird shapes, you€™re most likely exhausted, cranky and ready to eat like a small pony. Which is handy, since that's genuinely the best part of the holiday. Traditional Christmas meals vary by country and culture, but there is always that one thing on the table that, like wasteful spending, nobody understands. It can be the goopy casserole or sandy bread, but there€™s always one. Many of the items on this list are antiquated recipes that people simply cannot help but serve, while others - mercifully - have now disappeared. Here are 15 of the strangest holiday food items, listed in order from least to most nauseating. Tuck in...

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