15 Weird Christmas Foods You Hope You Won't See This Holiday

15. Carrot Salad

Carrots are delicious and any doctor will tell you that they€™re also beneficial. Raisins are pretty tasty as well. Mayonnaise by itself might not be the best thing, but it€™s a good base for sandwich salads, or as a topping. If you live in the Midwest States, it€™s even a topping for French fries. Milk is consumed by a lot of people as well. Now, why would you take those four relatively innocuous items and mix them together, forming a milky mound of egg-flavoured carrots? You€™re not going to die from eating it; you probably won€™t even throw up, but even still, you have to ask why this exists, and if the person who created it had been exposed to radiation.
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