17 Disturbing Photos With Horrifying Backstories

This article contains images that some users may find upsetting.

There€™'s a reason why horror movies, Halloween haunted houses and all manner of frightening forms of entertainment are big business: people love to be creeped out. The adrenal rush we receive from a good scare can be incredibly fun, and we pursue that feeling at our own risk.

One of the beauties (and horrors) of the internet is that it grants us access to so many things previously unimaginable. No matter what your interests are (seriously, NO MATTER WHAT), there€™'s a section of the internet dedicated to those interests. For the morbidly curious among us, there are plenty of websites to feed that curiosity.

Have you ever been browsing the web and come across a photo that was a little disturbing, either for the image depicted or the feelings it instilled in you? I'€™m not talking about the abundance of €œghost€ pictures, orbs, inconclusive UFO stills or any of the other disputable evidence of otherworldly occurrences. We'€™re talking photographs of real life moments that, for whatever reason, just creep you the f**k out?

You may catch an image in passing and acknowledge that it€™s a little disconcerting, but never look into the details behind the photo. This article is going to bring you the story behind some of the eeriest pictures that can be found online. In most cases, the frightening image you see is nothing compared to the true horror behind it.

Please Note: This article contains images and information that some readers may find upsetting.

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