17 Disturbing Photos With Horrifying Backstories

17. The Charred Remains Of Vladimir Komarov


In 1967, Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov was tasked with an Earth-orbiting mission that he reportedly told people was doomed, but he refused to turn down because he didn't want the man who would replace him, his good friend Yuri Gagarin to die.

Gagarin had inspected the vessel and discovered an alarming 203 structural problems, but the Russian higher-ups had everyone so frightened for their jobs, or worse, that the report never made it very far up the chain of command. The malfunctions began as soon as the craft began to orbit Earth - antennas that didn't open, power and navigation were compromised. The American National Security Agency, listening in, heard Komarov tell officials he knew he was going to die.

He spoke to the Russian Premier as well as his wife with a message for their children. The capsule descended and the parachutes failed, and Komarov was heard to be cursing the Russian government for killing him, lashing out in rage until his final breath.

The photo above is of all that remained of Vladimir after his fatal mission.

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