17 Problems Only Hotel Workers Will Understand

Long hours, late nights, early breakfast shifts, shouting guests, angry reviews... who needs it?

Giphy5 Gif Long hours, late nights, early breakfast shifts, shouting guests, angry reviews... Okay, so it's not all bad. Just as any other job there will always be good days and bad days; it just feels sometimes like you're staring in a new fly-on-the-wall documentary called Hotels From Hell. We know hotels are made to be seen as extension of your home; 'a home away from home' some of the marketing brochures will have you believe but we find it hard to believe every guest is this high-maintenance in their own life. Yes, we know you want a nice time and the nice luxury of not having to clean up after yourself but is it really necessary to put hotel staff through this much torture? Next time you're checking-in for a weekend away or a week-long holiday break think about the hard-working staff trying to keep everything running smoothly 24-hours a day. There's no off switch for hotels even when one rooms asleep you can guarantee there's another causing havoc. Honestly, sometimes the hotel you work in can make Fawlty Towers look like the most organised and well-run hotel in the world. Here's some problems only people who work in a hotel will understand...

17. Watching Guests Stuff Their Faces At Breakfast And Trying Hard Not To Judge

We know at home guests usually just have a couple of slices of toast to start your day (or skip breakfast completely) but the second you enter the hotel breakfast hall at the break of dawn you've turned into the Prince and Princess of Monaco. Cafeteria of coffee, fresh juice of every kind, mountains of fruit, cereal - eggs sunny side up and bacon crispy round the edges but soft in the middle - oh come on! We know your hotel stay is time for you to break away from the everyday norm and indulge but we're going to have to still try and get you back out the doors at some point.

16. Knowing The Couple Checking In At Reception Aren't 'Mr & Mrs' But Playing Along With The Role-Play Anyway

Affairs are so glaringly obvious to hotel workers, we've seen 'Mr and Mrs Smith' check-in over a hundred times. Paying cash on arrival, the giggles and subtle flirting between you both in the reception area, taking breakfast in your room with plenty of strawberries to feed each other in your cute manner - please, no married couple is ever that happy. We'll turn a blind eye to your business and hope you leave a cash tip on check-out for thanking us for our discretion.
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