17 Problems Only Hotel Workers Will Understand

15. Fearing A Naming And Shaming Trip Advisor Review More Than The Wrath Of God

Sometimes, not often because we're absolute professionals, we can lose it just a bit with snotty guests. We know we're not supposed to bite back but hopefully when we made that snotty retort after a twenty-minute heated argument that our name badge wasn't too on view as we don't want 'Wonderful stay EXCEPT for (insert name here) on reception!' where management will be able to see.

14. Whilst We're On The Subject Of Trip Advisor...

Bad Hotel Review2 Mr & Mrs Brown of Woking, Surrey have just written a scathing 500+ word review about how awful their stay was and how they would never dream of returning to such an 'awful' and 'run-down' hotel. But you specifically remember when you asked them on check-out if everything was okay you were just met with a 'it was all fine thank you'. Keyboard warriors at their best.
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