17 Problems Only Next Employees Will Understand

17. So Many Hangers

What most customers don't seem to understand, aside from the more tedious points of fashion retail, is just how many clothes hangers have to be dealt with on a daily basis. Let's take you at work on a busy Saturday: you come in at 9am, have a little tidy, and mark your place behind the tills. Three hours later and suddenly it's looking pretty busy; you've accumulated a lot of hangers from people who don't wish to take them home and they're starting to over flow their respective boxes. By 2pm you're in hanger hell; you've given up separating the trouser clip hangers from the standard jumper hanger, and have instead resorted to throwing them in a pile at your feet. By 5pm, you're swamped. And while Next might now have shut for the evening, you're looking at at least an hour of untangling all these bloody annoying plastic hangers from one another, tying them up with rubber bands, and finding space to put them away somewhere. IT IS UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING TO UNTANGLE HANGERS.
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