18 Awkward Moments Every Introvert Has Been Through

Being an introvert is a nice existence. Except when...

Being an introvert is a nice existence. We have our friends and loved ones but we also enjoy our own space. In the words of Depeche Mode, we 'enjoy the silence'. We enjoy making time for ourselves. We live regular lives and work as hard as anyone - we just like to do it quietly. With the minimum of fuss. And with as little talking and physical contact as possible. The extroverts are not our enemies but they try to force the introvert out into the open, blinking like some crazed cave-dweller. No. We don't want to talk to people we don't know. We don't want to hug and kiss each other when we meet only days after last seeing each other. No, we don't want to sit down and talk incessantly about our feelings. We're caring people - but don't force us to live a life where we must talk to strangers. For God's sake, it was drilled into us at school not to do that and now they change the rules?! No. Not this time. Here are 19 Awkward Moments Evert Introvert Has Been Through...

18. The Hand-Shake/Hug

The awful moment when you meet someone you haven't seen for ages. They're a nice person, they really are. You like them and respect them for all that they stand for. You walk towards each other. You're terrified about the impending handshake. How strong should you make it? How strong will it be? How long do you hold hands for before it becomes, well, 'holding hands'? Should you wipe the sweat off your palm now or seconds before they can pull away? Then they take you by surprise and hug you. The b*stards. At that moment, you hate them and all that they stand for. Hugging. It's like shaking hands but for extroverts and should come with a health warning.

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