18 Feelings You Experience When You Give Up Smoking

Without nicotine, we all go a little mad sometimes.

GiphyGiphyGiving up smoking is like going on an emotional roller-coaster of pain, hatred, and despair, underpinned by only the smallest inkling of €œI am doing the right thing€. You discover that nicotine is both the devil and your soulmate, and that when it comes to any form of debate, any question, any situation, about anything, the answer is always cigarettes cigarettes cigarettes JUST GIVE ME A CIGARETTE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. It€™s not all bad though. The dizzying highs of smug self-satisfaction can take you for miles, particularly when you€™re struggling up the stairs. You know that, now that you€™ve stopped smoking, you€™ll be able to run up those stairs faster than Usain Bolt within a few weeks. You also know that smoking is the only thing in your life preventing you from having optimum health all of the time. Right? Smoking adds belly fat and stops you from being able to exercise as efficiently, so the minute you stop you€™re probably going to suddenly resemble Mila Kunis and/or Channing Tatum. However, between now and then you have some issues to break through. Here€™s your advance warning.

18. Smug Satisfaction

GiphyGiphyAn hour in and it starts to feel pretty good. This is the first day of the rest of your life: bring on a night out without palpitations the next day, running up the stairs without hyperventilating, and not worrying about lung cancer every time you have a little cough. You got this.

17. A Little Distracted

TumblrTumblrOK, so now it€™s hit three hours and you€™ve already chewed through six pieces of gum, but you knew this was going to happen. You discover that standing outside without lifting something to your mouth every few minutes feels weird and wrong. You stay positive though, you beautiful tropical fish, you. Once you break the habit all of this will be worth it!

16. Overzealously Braggy

GiphyGiphyYou weren't going to tell anybody because last time you did that you started again after a couple of days. This time is different. Except it isn€™t. One day in, and you've told everyone you know, and everyone who was at the bus stop this morning, that you've quit smoking. You wax lyrical about how it's not the nicotine, it's about breaking the habit. You poor, naive fool. It's about the nicotine, and you're about to find that out the hard way.
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