18 Problems Only Artists Will Understand

15. Junk Getting Stuck To Your Kneadable Eraser

bunny meyer grav3tardgirl ewgrav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer)While kneadable erasers are extraordinarily helpful tools when it comes to drawing, they're just as much of a burden as they are a blessing. How is it possible for that little grey chunk of rubber to attract so much crud? Dust, dirt, pencil shavings, cat hair- kneadable erasers are magnets for all the nastiness you could possibly imagine. Anyone who has owned one of the handy little buggers has also most likely experienced the unending joy of picking hopelessly tiny pieces of junk and grime out of the eraser's inner stickiness. Now doesn't that sound like fun?

14. Getting Materials All Over Your Hands

harry styles clay pottery dirty hands art one directionOne DirectionIt is an undeniable truth that materials have an uncanny knack for getting all over you. Of course, this is all part of the business; you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Still, few things are more highly annoying than trying to work on something but instead only succeeding in making it, and everything around you, extraordinarily messy. Graphite on the side of your hand? That'll be a nice smudge across your drawing. Paint on your forearm? Now it's on the door from where you pushed it open. You get the picture. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

13. Being Afraid Of "Wasting" Great Materials

B6dece296739f36bd9d0eac50246ae53 It's so exciting to get amazing new materials- that is, until you realise that no project you have planned is "worthy" of such greatness. If you're optimistic, you'll keep them on your workspace for a while, hoping to soon dream up something deserving of their majesty, but they'll eventually be shoved off into some dusty corner to await their destiny. And, more than likely, they will keep waiting in that corner until they are lost to the sands of time, which is an even greater waste than if you were to use them on "lesser" pieces. Take a deep breath and use the fancy pastels. It'll all be okay.
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