18 Problems Only Claustrophobic People Will Understand

Being claustrophobic isn't just about avoiding small spaces, It effects every part of your daily life.

Claustrophobia is the fear of being trapped in a confined space. While you will be hard pushed to find anyone who is a fan of being trapped in confined spaces, as a claustrophobic, just thinking about it is enough to send you into a panic. And that is one of the biggest problems of being claustrophobic, the panic attack. If you have never experienced a panic attack, then count yourself lucky because they are truly one of the worst involuntary reactions your body can force on you. We all have a ''fight or flee'' mechanism, when we sense a threat, our mind triggers ''fight or flee,'' a self preservation tool alerting you to danger and preparing you to fight or flee. Your heart starts racing, sweat starts pouring uncontrollably, your body temperature rises and some even feel the need to remove all their clothes. You might start trembling, start feeling faint and believe you will suffocate. A panic attack is one of the scariest things you will ever have to deal with. Being claustrophobic means an attack like that can happen at any time. Sometimes, just the thought of being in a tiny space is enough to trigger an attack. And really bad sufferers might be required to undertake massive changes and allowances to make sure daily life is bearable. So here are 18 problems only a person who suffers from claustrophobia will understand.
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