18 Problems Only Claustrophobic People Will Understand

18. Theme Parks Suck

If you want to enjoy yourself at a theme park as a claustrophobic, you have to keep in mind that the park is full of panic attack triggers. While some find the most frightening thing about a roller coaster is its height and speed, a claustrophobic can€™t cope with the safety restraint that keeps you firmly seated in the roller coaster. As soon as the restraints come down and you realise that no matter how hard you push, you can€™t release yourself until the ride operator says so, your brain goes into overdrive and convinces you that you are going to die. But if you think avoiding roller coasters and restricting your thrill seeking to the rides that don€™t involve you being strapped in like an astronaut, think again because even the gentle rides can have issues. Some love getting on a Ferris Wheel, the view from the top is well worth the long, slow ride to the peak. And if you are lucky, the ride might even stop at the very top for a minute allowing you to take in your surroundings. But if you feel a panic attack coming on, there is nothing more inconvenient than being at the top of a Ferris Wheel. Not only do you not have control over how quickly you can get out, you are also locked in the tiny space with other people who have no idea how you're feeling. As they talk to you about how they can see their car in the car park, you are focused entirely on the hair standing up on your neck and how your back is soaked in sweat. All you want to do is get off.
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