18 Problems Only People Who Look Younger Than Their Age Will Understand

"I promise I'm not the eleven year old you think I am"

Lucky you: you're 28 but you look about 16. It's all very well having people tell you that you'll have a youthful face until the day you die, but does that really excuse any of the problems you have to deal with on a daily life? It's not all bad: you can still use your student card for basically everything even though you're almost thirty: Topshop, the cinema, some restaurants. It can pay to look younger than what you are, because apparently life is cheaper when people think you're under 18. Still, it's annoying. Sometimes you look in the mirror and curse the person who looks like a teenager looking back. Some days you're asked your age for various reasons over ten times; and that look of disbelief on people's faces is getting a bit old. So is having to provide your mantra 'I know, I look younger than what I am, HA HA HA" Just remember, young faced old people: you are not alone. There are hundreds of you around the world all experiencing the same damn problems everyday. Here are 18 of them - just in case you'd forgotten.
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