18 Problems Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

Worried people will judge you for reading this article? Come on in, over-thinkers...

Over-thinkers; those elusive group of people who find themselves so deeply entrenched in the little details of everyday life that they can't help but keep thinking and thinking and analysing everything. Movies, TV shows, what tomorrow will bring, and what shoes are the most appropriate for every single possible situation. They're the people who just want to have fun, but only if it's well-researched, well-prepared, and pack everything but the kitchen sink into their already-oversized bags. The kind of people who spend a good week packing for going away on a mini-break, spend half an hour crafting a social media message, or who rely upon schedules and routine like water and air. It doesn't matter if it's as simple as meeting someone new for the first time, preparing for a big day ahead by going through every possible situation and adjusting accordingly, or obsessively worrying over the many intricacies of online life and the social media accounts we all find ourselves clinging to desperately. The over-thinkers will deal with it in their own, overly-considered and all-too-careful way, even if it leaves no room for spontaneity. At all. So here is a list of the top problems that over-thinkers face throughout their lives, and somehow manage to survive. Now, where did we put that to-do list...?

18. Spending Too Much Time On Your Usernames

"It's just a username" your friends decry when you admit you've spent the best part of a couple of hours debating your username for a site or two. It's not a big thing - or at least it shouldn't be. You know that it isn't that bad, really, but given how much of our lives are dictated now by our social media presence, it seems somewhat necessary to try and pick the best username that you can. After all, it needs to represent the best you, or the 'you' that you truly are. Yeah. So you spend time going through puns or expressions that share some link to your name, toy with making it an obscure reference to a song or a movie, and then finally, finally come up with the perfect name. It's fun, deep, expressive, and rolls right off the tongue. And then it's taken. You wearily resign yourself to your own name with '678' stuck on the end, and no one is any the wiser, or any more impressed. Oh, well.

17. Having Too Many Alarms For The Morning

Iphone Alarm Punctuality is one of those undervalued traits, along with always having the right change for the bus and somehow managing to keep your music volume low when you're listening to your iPod in public spaces. For an over-thinker, generally they try to be punctual and a permanent fifteen minutes early. This usually means having an alarm clock, or several alarms set up on your phone. However, an over thinker can sometimes prepare too much. They consider every potential scenario that could make them late or make their schedules run to anything but on time. A broken-down bus, a flat tire, an accident on the roads. Whatever the case may be. More alarms than strictly necessary, and enough that ensure that the over-thinker ends up awake at least two hours earlier, bleary-eyed and miserable, and usually at least an hour early for work anyway. In the end it doesn't really seem worth it, but then again, you can't stand being late even more, so you keep on setting the alarms.
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