18 Problems Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

16. Planning To An Obsessive Degree

cursive-writing Okay, we're all guilty of this. Well, some of us. Over-thinkers just like to have things sorted. Done and dusted and definitely sorted. It's not that they don't enjoy having fun and having a great time, it's just that things run much smoother when there's a plan and the threat of people either being bored or upset or tired or lonely or something awful happening, has been eradicated from all possibility that you can consider. That's what over-thinkers like to think, anyway. Life is of course, unpredictable, and it doesn't matter how well you plan your friend's engagement party, there's always a chance the train will be late, machines will break down, traffic will grind your progress down to a halt, and soon your intricately-planned, page-spanning plans will soon unravel. It's easier to work with a looser plan, and better for your mental health, but that doesn't stop over-thinkers raising their cortisol levels to new heights and planning even more in order to fight the world.

15. Worrying About Stuff At 1am

The middle of the night panicking session is all too familiar for every over-thinker. Usually sparked by the random minutiae of thoughts that fill our brains before we go to sleep, an over-thinker can suddenly be sparked into activity and consciousness by a seemingly random thought. Is everything done for work tomorrow? Are you sure that every aspect of your upcoming dinner party covered, from appetisers to the after-dinner board games? Are you sure you've got your to-do list updated with everything you need to get down that day? Such is the life - or rather the sleep - of an over-thinker. It usually results in either getting out of bed to double check everything and then finally going to sleep, or wide-eyed, sleepless staring into the ceiling, wondering about whether you have actually done it or not. You might get some sleep, or you might not. Yep, that's totally healthy, guys.
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