18 Weirdest Celebrity Trainwrecks

The car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel...

The celebrity gossip media and the voracious culture of social media that feeds upon it are never short of fresh victims. In a world with more television channels than there are second chances, all it takes to become famous is to appear on one of them with your shirt off. Amongst all those scores and scores of the famous and the beautiful, there are plenty who are more often infamous for uglier behaviour€ the car crashes amongst the motorcades, splinters in the public eye. Then there are the trainwrecks, those for whom a simple wince and a sad shake of the head are no longer enough. These are the repeat offenders, people with long, sustained periods of providing easy copy to the pop culture vultures out there. When they clean up their acts, a whole nation of gossips cries into their cocktails. When they get the help they need (or simply learn when to shut the hell up) a whole industry of tattletales has to find a new quote machine to wind up and let go. And when, as some inevitably do, they shuffle off this mortal coil and ascend to that great reality show in the sky, everyone suddenly has really lovely things to say about them€ because people are hypocrites, and have very short memories. That€™s all fine and dandy: but so far, so TMZ. This article is dedicated to the more peculiar end of the celebrity swimming pool, where the odd, the unbalanced and the erratic do their synchronised swimming: the weirdest celebrity trainwrecks in recent memory.
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