18 Weirdest Celebrity Trainwrecks

18. David Hasselhoff Hits Rock Bottom More Often Than Dwayne Johnson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPUpnylniVw The star of Knight Rider in the eighties and Baywatch in the nineties struggled with alcoholism for years. In an interview in 2002, Hasselhoff claimed that he€™d had to hit rock bottom before he was finally able to genuinely seek the help he needed. Sadly he would continue to suffer relapse upon relapse throughout the rest of the decade. Over the years, a fair few column inches have been devoted to Hasselhoff being €˜tired and emotional€™ in public, from his slurring award show appearances, to his severing a tendon while shaving at a gym (he destroyed a chandelier with his head, showering himself with glass. No, we have no idea how he€™d be anywhere near a chandelier while shaving either). Then there€™s the many benders lasting several days that have led to Hasselhoff being hospitalised €“ each of which you would think would constitute a €˜rock bottom€™ on their own, let alone as part of a pattern of self-destructive behaviour. But the weirdest moment in a long history of weirdness surrounding the man who coined the phrase €œdon€™t hassle the Hoff€ came in 2007, when he was in Las Vegas working on a stage production of The Producers. Hasselhoff€™s then seventeen-year-old daughter Taylor Ann recorded a video on her phone of her father, shirtless, lying on the floor of a hotel room, haphazardly trying €“ and mostly failing €“ to eat a cheeseburger. During the clip, Taylor Ann can be heard asking Hasselhoff €œtell me you are going to stop€ over and over, and reminding him that he is regularly tested for alcohol and could be jeopardising his stint in the show. This being the Hoff, naturally the video leaked online. He would later clarify in a statement that the video had been recorded so that, when he was sober, he could see how he had behaved. If that wasn€™t rock bottom, we€™re not sure what his definition is: regardless, it still took Hasselhoff another three years to quit drinking.
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