19 Texts From Superheroes That Are Absolutely Spot On

A look into what superheroes are saying to each other when we're not looking.

Texts from Superheroes is a humor website which gives us a peek into what phone messages superheroes send to one-another. And not just superheroes, but villains and others, too! They also tend to touch on characters from other mediums from time to time, such as television and video games, but today we're focusing on comic book heroes (with maybe a dip or two into their feature film counterparts). Whether it's Deadpool slapping party hats on invading Sentinel squadrons, Captain America sending Nick Fury a selfie set in front of an American flag after learning the Allies won World War II, or Robin pointing out the flaws of a signal that only works when the recipient is outdoors in order to see it, many of these texts take our favorite superheroes to task through pure logic and observation. Generally speaking, the vast majority of Texts from Superheroes images are worth a grin, a chuckle, a guffaw, or even the ever-elusive "LOL," but some just feel like they hit the subject matter spot-on, even more than others. Here are some (but far from all) of our favorites which either made us say to ourselves "oh yeah, that's really how it is, isn't it?" or ask "what's the deal with that?" Case in point:

19. Spider-Man And Professor Xavier

Seriously: Have they ever explained why it's okay for people to be altered in some way, shape, or form in order to get superpowers, but not to be born with them? We get that society fears and hates mutants, but they sure are good at singling them out from the rest of the spandex crowd, are they not?

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