19 Things You Never Did Before Facebook

That awkward moment when... you can't remember a life before social media.

For millions and millions of people, Facebook is an integral part of our daily lives. It helps keep us in touch with friends and family, and helps us show off our interests to all of them as well. It is also used to show off photos of your kids, pets, dinner, or anything else you can think of. It is hard to imagine that for most of us, Facebook didn't even exist eight years ago, but as of June 2014 there are an estimated 1.32 billion monthly active users worldwide. Now that Facebook has been full steam ahead for a good eight years now for the entire public, we are seeing a lot of behavioural types and traits that were simply unheard of before, especially in the current digital state. While some of these activities are cool and innovative, some have merely ruined society under the guide of "social improvement". So, from poking people and selfies to feeling completely alone when you don't get any 'likes' - what other humorous things did we never do before Facebook ruled all?

19. Spoiling Television Shows For Hundreds Of People At Once

Around 2004 to 2006, even DVR's were pretty new so most people watched their favorite television shows live instead of messing with the VCR. The spoiler alert didn't really exist back then, but it is in full force now. While some people avoid posting spoilers on their Facebook page, it's a free country. You shouldn't have to edit what you want to say about a show just because someone hasn't watched it yet on the DVR. Maybe if that person can put Facebook down for a few hours, they won't get their shows spoiled.
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