20 Absolute Worst Things About Being Unemployed

It's not all video games, sleeping in, and existential Starbucks chats, you know...

Being unemployed is more than a sad result of our crashing economy: it's practically a state of mind in of itself. As an entire generation of people, the unlikely Millennials, struggle to find themselves a job, let alone a career, in a barely recovering economy, it's not that uncommon to find unemployed people everywhere you go. They're struggling to find work with degrees that, if they're lucky, may help them get a low-paying role in a field vaguely similar to the subject of said degree. They're finding it hard to carve out their identities when they cannot find work outside of odd shifts in a bar or as a cafe server. It's a hard, hard world out there, kids, and it's not getting easier anytime soon. Unemployed people can face plenty of problems while they look for work - everything is a ton more expensive, so you have to economise; you can find your social life taking a severe hit, if not flatlining altogether; and you can even find yourself inundated with the well-meaning-but-actually-not-that-helpful advice from every person in your immediate social circle. So, to help you feel some solidarity for those unlucky and looking for work, here are just twenty of the worst things about being unemployed...
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