20 Absolute Worst Things About Being Unemployed

20. Only Being Able To Afford Cheap Everything

No Money Gif Some people will say that this is just inconsiderate grumbling - "you've got money, haven't you? Be grateful!". This is indeed true, but it's also kind of a slap in the face, given that it means that if you're unemployed, you're automatically denied any pleasures you might actually enjoy in life. Okay, it doesn't mean that you should go back to that champagne and cigars lifestyle you might well have been accustomed to, before you lost your job, but it doesn't mean that you deserve to be miserable. But it does mean that you're stuck eating everything from the discount stores - which if you live near a Lidl or Aldi is surprisingly okay - and that buying presents and having a social life is pretty much impossible. If you have friends who treat you on nights out, or straight up give you cold hard cash on your birthday, then treasure these people and hold onto them. Until then, just grab whatever cheap off-brand chocolate you can find, and just try to get through it.
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