20 Embarrassing Things Your Parents Put You Through As A Kid

You couldn't go anywhere with them.

Your parents did so many things right; they clothed you, fed you and bathed you €“ they were generally amazing. When you needed money they€™d give you a couple of notes to keep you at bay, they were your own personal taxi service and when you felt the world crashing down on you and needed a shoulder to cry on, they dropped everything and gave you all the time you needed. However, as brilliant as they are there is one simple truth every child knows; your Mum and Dad are so embarrassing €“ to the point where you can€™t be seen anywhere public with them. Somewhere down the line your Mum and Dad must have forgotten what their own parents did to embarrass them when they were growing up, because in no earthly way did they hone it in for your sake. They poked and prodded at your every nerve, refusing to stop until they saw a satisfactory shade of red upon your cheeks. You could present them with an entire list of things they are not allowed to say or do and they€™d make sure that they personally ticked off every single point. Here is that list; the 20 things all children must suffer through with embarrassing parents.
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