21 Fictional Characters Blamed For Real Life Crimes

20. Jigsaw

Unsurprisingly Jigsaw has cropped up several times in connection to reported crimes: fortunately none that have yet resulted in murder, but in one case this was only due to a mother having the courage to report her own son and his friend to the police. With the boys being 14 and 15 they have only ever been identified by their first names John and Noor. John's mother reported the boys when she became aware of their plot to kidnap and murder two classmates and a local police officer, which they intended to film, like Jigsaw, in order to gain fame and notoriety. The only connection to Saw seems to be the similarity behind the modus operandi of the co-conspirators, nevertheless the Jigsaw aspect became the story itself.

19. Lestat DeLioncourt

It is not uncommon for fans of the horror genre to fantasise about what it must be like to be a vampire but 25 year old Daniel Sterling took the idea a step further in 1994. After watching Interview With The Vampire with his girlfriend Lisa Stellwagen, he woke her up in the middle of the night to tell her he was going to kill her and drink her blood. Stellwagen ignored him and went back to sleep. Seven hours later Sterling lived up to his promise by stabbing her seven times, and proceeding to suck the blood from her open wounds. Stellwagen miraculously survived, though unsurprisingly the relationship didn't and Sterling was convicted of attempted murder. Given that Sterling said in court that he didn't "blame the movie" it makes this entry a slight misnomer, but obviously the story wouldn't be around to discuss twenty years later, if it wasn't for Lestat's media-led implication.

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