20 Greatest Roller Coasters In England

19. Dragon's Fury - Chessington World Of Adventures

Opened: 2004

Manufacturer: Maurer

Type: Spinning Coaster

Much like the aforementioned Vampire, this superb spinning coaster is a very deceptive ride. Technically it's a ride for families but it is genuinely really exciting and it's unexpectedly forceful too, with various terrific air-time moments. In particular, that first drop is quite something.

It's a great example of a coaster being both kid-friendly but also really thrilling and bad-ass. It's a shame more family-oriented coasters don't pull off this balance as brilliantly as this one does.

This is now one of only two Maurer Spinning Coasters in the UK (a third one closed in 2012), the other being Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers. That one is OK but isn't particularly smooth or comfortable; Dragon's Fury is far, far better.


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