20 Joe Rogan Experience Episodes You Must Listen From 2020

19. Tristan Harris - Episode #1558

One of the standout documentaries of 2020 was Netflix's The Social Dilemma. Focusing on the unhealthy addiction we have to the social media and how it's been engineered to be that way, the 94 minute movie made everyone watching asking some uncomfortable questions about their own social media habits.

One of the main people in the documentary is former Google design ethicist and President of the Centrer for Humane Technology, Tristan Harris. Having worked for a huge tech company like Google, Harris has a unique view on how detrimental apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be for us.

Listening to Harris and Rogan discuss how social media apps are cleverly engineered to keep us firmly fixated to our screens is quite disturbing. Things like the "Like" button might not have seemed like a big deal in its inception, but has evolved into something extremely powerful over time.

Although social media certainly has its benefits and allows us to keep in touch, like anything in life, too much of it can be bad for your health.


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