20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Apple

Siri is watching you - always...

Apple appears to be taking over the world, one personal electronic product at a time. Every second person seems to own one Apple product or another, be it a computer, phone, watch, or tablet, such is the strength of this world-renowned brand. Having started as a computer company producing desktops in 1976, Apple has grown its product range since the turn of the millennium - with the introduction of such commodities as the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and, most recently, the iWatch. Co-founder Steve Jobs died in October 2011, leading many to predict that Apple would begin to struggle, but since then the company has grown from strength to strength and can now boast an unrivalled market share across various electronic-media platforms. Yet, despite the daily coverage Apple receives, there are still many interesting facts about the company that are now widely known. For example, the company's original logo was not the apple with a chunk bitten out of it, but was actually a nod to physicist Sir Isaac Newton. Also, the iPod's creator originally floated the idea to two of Apple's biggest rivals who thought it would be a failure before Jobs and Co snapped it up. In addition, Apple also has cash reserves that are worth more than the GDP of 136 countries... So here are 20 mind-blowing facts about Apple, the company that brought the world the Mac, the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad...
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