20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Apple

He was such a health nut, even his computers aren't allowed to smoke.

This week saw another of those record-breaking Apple Conferences going down, as the tech company unveiled a host of new products coming out in the near future, to replace the other products of theirs which also look like they came from the future. A smartwatch! That you can get in gold! A new Macbook! Also available in gold! And exclusive rights to HBO's new streaming service! There was some scepticism about the watch thing but, overall, the conference did exactly what every one of the company's announcements do: solidify them in the hearts and minds of the geek faithful that Apple are the biggest, boldest and best technology company on the face of the Earth. It's hard to argue with them. Their products are so synonymous with everything from MP3 players to laptops to mobile phones to tablets that getting anything without the Apple branding seems like a knock off. Centred on their deceased former leader Steve Jobs, the company has a mythos to back that obvious cool. But despite all their public pronouncements and ubiquity, there are some things about the company formally known as (or for) Macintosh that are lesser-known. The origin of that logo, for example, or why exactly iPhones cost so much in one South American country alone. Here are twenty mind-blowing facts you never knew about Apple.
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