20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Apple

20. Early Macs Sold For $666.66

Whilst Steve Jobs is the name most closely associated with Apple, it was probably his partner, company co-founder and actual creator of the personal computer Steve Wozniak who has the more complex mythos surrounding his life and career. Much of which has its roots in his relationship with Jobs in the company's early days. For example, it was Wozniak who gave the original Apple I computer a...sort of odd price. The computer was hand built by the man himself, the company selling just 200 of the early Macintoshes in 1975, at a list price of $666.66. Regardless of your religious beliefs, that Satanic number seems like playing with fire. But Wozniak didn't select the price as some sort of Black Metal badassery or to upset certain members of Middle America €“ although it did cause some consternation at the time €“ instead claiming that the price was chosen he just €œlikes repeating numbers.€ In 1977 the price was lowered to $475.
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