20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The United States

10 Billion donuts. A year. Seriously.

If you were to ask for a list of American stereotypes, the results may not seem very hopeful. Wasteful, arrogant, rude, and imperialistic are among the more commendatory terms the world uses sometimes to describe the USA. In fact, trivia about America appear on the surface as a laundry list of shabby stains: a history of non-stop bloodshed, an economy slipping through the cracks, and an overweight populace bent on gorging themselves to death on entitlement. When you consider how many people died throughout history, in war or otherwise, to bring America where she is today, you can begin to appreciate why many Americans are either depressed or infuriated over seeing idiots posting stand-on-the-American-flag-selfies to social media. However, through it all, you have to remember that America has a lot of good offer. A few inspiring traits that have carried the day would be America's optimism, its generosity, and its hardworking nature. What her citizens call the American Dream might be much harder to obtain today than it was at the country's founding two hundred and thirty-nine years ago, but it still exists for those who have the guts to go after it. That is what makes America a fantastic place to be. The land is spacious, the countryside is beautiful, and there is a place for everyone. If anything, the land of the free and home of the brave is certainly never boring. Here's twenty facts proving that whether you love or hate the USA, it's still a pretty amazing place to witness. Sure, it's a country with a lot of problems, but it's also a place with a lot of heart.
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