20 Most Watched Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts

19. Joe Rogan Experience #877 - Jordan Peterson - 6.6 Million Views

If the statistics are anything to go by, JRE listeners are big fans of Jordan Peterson. The Canadian clinical psychologist makes his first, but certainly not his last appearance on this list and it's understandable as he's quite a divisive figure among certain groups.

During the height of the social justice warrior movement, Peterson was probably the most outspoken individual against those attempting to make the world a more politically correct place. Some people, including Rogan, appreciated this, whereas others felt that his opinions were dangerous and failed to support diversity.

Regardless of your thoughts on Peterson and his views, you have to give Rogan respect for not being afraid to have people on his show that might turn his viewers away. It would be easy to constantly cater to his listeners, but Rogan is more than happy to challenge the opinions of his audeience by having guests like Peterson on the podcast.


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