20 Pics To Give You OCD Nightmares

Sometimes, the world just slaps any sense of order in the face.

The term 'OCD' is thrown around quite a bit these days, with seemingly every neat freak on the planet claiming to suffer from the condition. Obviously this isn't true, but the new definition for OCD basically means "he/she who really likes things to be organised and in order", and we guarantee at least 80% of you lovely reader types would describe yourselves in such a way. So in celebration of the neurotic masses/messes everywhere, we've put together a gallery of images set to test your "OCD" senses. And by "in celebration of", we most definitely mean "to screw with the heads of", so brace yourselves for an uncomfortable few minutes as we take a look at the things WHICH SHOULD NOT BE!

20. The Nerd That Got Away

Look at those tasty, tasty Nerds, all nice an neatly organised in a gigantic tub of sugar-coma-inducing goodness. Imagine the horror of discovering that little blue fiend, crashing the red party like Owen Wilson crashes a party in every Owen Wilson movie ever. I hate you, blue Nerd.

19. Satan€™s Tiler

Tiling is a practice full of dangers, if you leave the job to a slovenly follower of chaos the like of which must have laid the tiles above. YOU HAD ONE JOB! Chisels should be at the ready to correct such a near-permanent mockery, or at least some paint.

18. Satan Gives That Tiler A Good Review

Surely this has to have been done by the same dude? He has to be trolling us, yes? It wouldn't even be enough to hide the offending tile beneath a plant pot, because you'd know it'd still be there, laughing at you, mocking your every move.

17. Satan€™s Tiler Got Subtle

See now this is just pushing the limits of torture. Messing up a pattern is one thing, but leaving a tile just ever so slightly out of line...sacrilege. It's thanks to work like this which causes OCDers the world over to double check every little detail of every little crack in their floors every day of their life.
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