20 Problems Only Crafty People Will Understand

It's not easy being crafty, people...

Some people are crafty, some aren't. That's the truth about human nature; even if it's pared down to the absolute basics. Creativity comes in many forms. It can be something as simple as the right words on a Christmas card, a knack for flaky pastry, or just being generally talented when it comes to knitting. Crafty people, people who can turn their hand to some kind of creative endeavour, all share a common sense of spirit; of having a little reservoir of passion, pleasure, and talent. It might not be anything big and flashy, but crafty people are able to create something out of raw materials, infusing it with a vision, a goal, and a lot of love. That doesn't mean that crafty people don't have a serious ton of problems, albeit first world problems, that can crop up in everyday life. Sometimes, it's a lack of inspiration, messing things up, getting some serious envy about those picture-perfect bloggers who make even the most complicated crafty tasks look so gosh darn easy; even to the nitty-gritty of what clothes to wear. So, here are twenty problems that only crafty people will truly understand and know deep in their heart to be painfully relevant.

20. You Have Etsy Envy

StartBizFree.com, Fox Television This one is a doozy but the minute you step onto Etsy, you are royally screwed. 'Just looking' is never just looking, because Etsy alone has the perfect mix of cute adorable handmade items, the fact that you're buying them directly from equally talented artists, and the general satisfaction that knowing that that one piece you've coveted for so long is finally, finally yours. The fact that you consider it research is the only way you can justify it to your loved ones, roommates, employers, and so forth. However, four hours later you're checking the clock, horrified at the time you've wasted, and have suffered terrible jealousy over everyone else's superior crafty skills. Sobbing at the cuteness of all the items is optional, but feeling like you've achieved nothing is sadly more and more emotionally mandatory.

19. You Spend Too Much Time On YouTube Tutorials

Your 'Watch Later' playlist is cued up with dozens of tutorials from smiling experts who make it all seem so easy; from braiding hair to knitting or making a creme brulee. It's even almost reached the hundreds, and no matter how times you settle down for a 'productive' evening of watching the videos to take notes and learn and be efficient and on top of your game, by the end you've just added to the list count. All of these vloggers make it seem to damn effortless, and you can spend an entire day going over and over those videos. Never mind actually helping you develop and work on your skill, it's just a revolving collection of all the people several hundred steps ahead of you, with their thousands of subscribers, and endlessly watchable videos... Goodbye, productivity.

18. Everyone Has Received Something Knitted For Their Birthday

Now, Here, This.com, Buzzfeed It's not that your friends and family don't like your thoughtful gifts - hell, they'll remember them for years to come and you'll be there to replace it if something should happen to the Doctor Who themed scarf, or the photo clock display for your teenage cousin. However, sometimes it just gets a little bit old, particularly when for their birthday all they want is cash or DVDs. It's not that they're ungrateful - far from it, the fact that you spent hours working on something just for them touches a lot of people and makes them feel warm inside. It is, however, not always the best thing for a go-to gift idea for a loved one, That realisation hits you hard. Maybe you even get the crushing realisation that every single person in your inner - and sometimes outer - circle has received crafty gifts from you, and so doesn't need anymore; and that thought makes you feel a little sad.
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