20 Problems Only Crafty People Will Understand

17. Jealousy Of People Who Actually Make Money From Their Stuff

Okay, so this is a petty problem, but let's face it - people who make actual, physical money from their craft make it look so, so easy. You can spend hours practising your knitting, baking, painting, whatever, only for not a soul in sight to take interest. No matter how strong your online or social media presence might be - you have a separate account for your craft, you beg your friends to follow you, and plenty of people reblog or retweet your cute and funny updates about your craft - nothing happens. All of a sudden, however, this hot young thing hits on an untapped market and they're swamped with orders, their pieces becoming so popular in the immediate timeframe, becoming a viral sensation. You might even buy one yourself, if only to stare at it in green-eyed rage as you furiously consult your social media presence and curse the day this wunderkind stepped up to the plate and claimed your hard-earned potential customers.

16. Stalking Blogs Where Everyone Does Everything Perfectly

They have the twenty-first century Stepford existence, at least online, and everything they do - baking, cooking, sewing, whatever - seems to come without a hitch or at the very least, a feigned self-deprecating commentary. Their blogs are gleaming and shiny, well-ordered and organised, and simply full to the brim with inspirational tips, how-to guides that'd make Martha Stewart burn her own soup in jealous rage, and updates of their photogenic families that make everything seem practically perfect in every way. As a result, you spend at least two hours a day on their blog posts, simultaneously caught between a spiritual fervour about how well they pull everything off, and a deep schadenfreude that one day they'll mess up a project and admit it. This is not a good thing.
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