20 Problems Only Crafty People Will Understand

15. Buying Birthday Cards Because You Forgot To Make Them

You're normally so good at this; getting the materials, designing what it'll look like, making sure that the card says everything you want it to say. Sadly, real life has a fine way of intervening and stopping you - a deadline that needs to be met, a sick friend or loved one, simply a string of bad days that leave you unenthusiastic about anything other than sleeping and trying to get your inner balance and kilter back. As a result, you completely forget to do the card, despite remembering the big day itself, forcing a last-minute trip to the nearest gift store wherein you grab the first overpriced card that fits the birthday, and then spend the rest of the evening glaring at the card and beating yourself up for not making one like you wanted to.

14. Having Someone Ask For A Receipt For Something You Made

See this just hurts your feelings. Okay, so it's never pleasant when someone we love asks, however respectfully and apologetically and meekly, for the receipt to something you've bought them for their birthday or Christmas or some other special event. It hurts us on a fundamental level because it attacks our relationships with those people we care about; it says that the buyer doesn't know the tastes and pleasures of the person they're buying for. We don't know them, and that makes us sad. However, this feeling is magnified when it's something that a crafty person has created themselves. When a crafty person has poured their heart and soul into a project, it can be devastating to have someone be first unaware that you've spent hours crafting it (rather than just going into a store and buying it like they have believed it), and then to have them dislike the item enough that they want the receipt for it. It is moments like these that make crafty people curse the day they picked up a knitting needle or a glue gun.

13. Trying To Replicate Artists' Styles And Failing Miserably

SenorGif.com, via Sharenator.com Everyone has idols and role models, but when you're a crafty person, you often try to emulate someone's style and fail miserably. It's not your fault, not really - these people are amazing at what they do, their skills honed through years and years of self-discipline, practice, and failure after failure after failure. That's the part no one tells you about. Your paintings look less like Titians or Matisses and more like your dog got into a paint can and rolled around on your canvas and your cake decorating looks sloppy compared to Martha Stewart's. Frustration and failure are the only true results here, even though everyone you complain to about it - and that is a lot of people - agrees that you'll get better if you keep at it.
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