20 Problems Only People From Newcastle Will Understand

Gan canny now, lads and lasses.

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There are few cities as culturally engrained in Britain's imagination as Newcastle. From the locals and their distinctive accent, to the rich history of industry, the long traditions of invention, and especially the mishaps of the football team, the rest of the country's got a wonderful and insatiable curiosity with it. But Newcastle's undergoing something of a TARDIS effect at present.

Just like those scenes in Dr Who, where the Timelord's latest companion enters his spaceship and marvels at the fact it's bigger on the inside, so the whole world is amazed at just how much is crammed inside of the city's walls - despite how small and insignificant it might have looked from where they lived. If you were lucky enough to have been born there though, this comes as no surprise.

New bars and cultural hotspots are great, but the city earned a place in your heart the first time your mam dragged you to Geordie Jeans and you got your first kiss outside the huge Warner Bros. Cinema in Manors. Just like having a little sibling, you're allowed to point out all its little faults and poke fun at it, but if anybody else dares speak ill of your beloved home you'll sharpish give them a clip roond the nappa.

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