20 Problems Only Total Misanthropes Will Understand

Oh how I loathe thee...

Misanthropy: the general hatred, distrust or disdain for the human species or human nature. It is a rarely discussed viewpoint held by a small percentage of the population, and it is easy to see why. It is not what you would call "normal" to despise your own species, and thus not exactly the most socially acceptable. Very rarely will you find a truly vocal member of this mostly silent demographic. Unless presented in a comedic context, much like George Carlin and Bill Hicks did, people don't want to hear how much you hate them. Nevertheless, misanthropes are out there and it is an especially intense and intrusive viewpoint that presents its own problems. The fact is that you have to interact with people on a daily basis if you want to be a member of modern society. Seeing as how misanthropes don't like people, this fact means that they have to deal with issues unique to them. Activities that come natural to most people, like socializing, can be struggles. Consider this a peek into the mind of a human hater, and the common problems that arise from being one. These are the sometimes funny, sometimes serious problems only misanthropes will understand.

20. Watching The News

A sure fire way in which to enhance one€™s hatred for humanity in an instant is to tune into the news, particularly 24 hour stations like Fox or CNN. These stations cover such a wide range of human ugliness on a daily basis that to endure more than a couple minutes is genuinely painful. It€™s awful human behavior on a global scale covered by awful people who work for even more awful people. Sure, there may be a story of human kindness in there every so often, but they are so fleeting and minor that it barely registers amidst all the horribleness. 24 hour news makes the misanthrope€™s job easier day by day.

19. Pretending To Care About People's Problems

Small talk is a part of every day life, allowing coworkers and acquaintances to casually fill each other in on the goings on of their lives. For most people caring about the lives of others is easy, but for a misanthrope it is a chore. We don€™t care about your problems; in fact, we€™d be hard pressed to find anything less interesting. But we feign interest anyway in order to lead functioning lives in this miserable existence. So we nod and respond in good order, all the while wishing it would just end.

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