20 Problems Only Total Misanthropes Will Understand

18. Attending Parties

Parties are hell. Since they gather people together into small and intimate spaces; misanthropes tend to avoid these at all cost. Such an intense exposure to unrestrained human behavior is near mental torture for us. All we see is people acting stupid and irresponsible; it€™s no fun. You might think smaller parties would fare better, but they just present their own variation of torture. Instead of loud music, drugs, and dancing, it€™s talking to people and listening to their uninteresting stories. Yet we force ourselves to suffer through them because that€™s life.

17. Trying To Avoid People As Much As Possible

A misanthrope€™s primary goal is to avoid people as much as possible. If something can be accomplished without the aid of someone else you bet we will take that option. The internet has made this much easier than ever, but it hasn€™t completely eliminated the need for human contact. It€™s not like a misanthrope doesn€™t realize the need for social interaction, we just don€™t particularly care for engaging in it with most of the population. As a result, we carefully pick and choose who we interact with, the most unwanted of which reduced to as little time as needed.

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