20 Ridiculous Things Which Make You Proud Of Being Scottish

Welcome to Scotland. We do things differently here.

Is Scotland the greatest country in the world? It's easy to see why people might think it is. From breathtaking scenery to incredible history, traditional stories and its undeniably mystical charm, people are flocking to visit Scotland - with almost all of its landmarks on those "places to see before you die" lists. Of course, it doesn't always seem that glamorous to us Scots. After all, we have to live and work here. Trudging through the driving rain in the middle of the summer, dreaming of some foreign clime and warm sand. That doesn't mean we don't love our incredible country, as anyone singing 'Caledonia' after closing time at the local pub will tell you. It's the little things which make us proud to be Scottish. Who deals with adversity better than the Scots? Who- as a people- could drink most others under the table? Who else looks at danger and laughs in its face? Who else keeps billions of pounds worth of nuclear missiles on their mainland because they're hard as nails? What about the great characters from our past, Robert The Bruce, Mary Young, Billy Connolly... John Smeaton? Yes, here's a toast to the Scots. The people who make the world that little bit weirder and a little bit better.
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