20 Sneakiest Hidden Messages In Advertising

3. Heads Getting In The Way

3 For those unfamiliar with this sci-fi magazine, no, it isn't actually called 'SEX'. The front covers have become famous for covering up the 'F' in 'SFX', particularly when there's a photo of a particularly attractive woman featured.

2. Hidden Skull Ladies

2 A hidden image within a hidden image. The back of the moth from the poster for The Silence Of The Lambs features what looks like a skull on its back. Look even closer though, and it becomes clear that it's actually a group of posing naked women; a reference to artist Salvador Dali's "In Voluptas Mors".

1. The F1 Marlboro Barcode

1 The F1 Marlboro Bardcore incident is clear evidence that tobacco companies are the sneakiest in the world when it comes to their advertising. Following the banning of tobacco advertising at many country's F1 racing events, Marlboro decided to get creative with their sponsorship of Ferrari. For a time, the Ferrari F1 car prominently featured what appeared to be a red, black and white barcode. However, when zooming around the track, the 'barcode' blurred, becoming very suggestive of the famous Marlboro logo. Although the barcode was removed after pressure from the press and racing community, Marlboro and Ferrari has denied that advertising the tobacco company was their intention. Check out our blurring of the image above, and let us know what you think.

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