20 Sneakiest Hidden Messages In Advertising

9. Convenient Skittle Placement

9 We're not entirely sure on the reasoning behind this one, other than a cheap way to grab people's attention. The 'S' on the red Skittle is positioned in a way that makes it look like the flavour is 'Berry Sexplosion'. Probably tasty, but certainly not tasteful.

8. Dirty Ice Cube

8 This infamous Coke ad from an Australian campaign featured a hidden illustration that went unnoticed for over a year. When Coke realised that one of the blocks of ice contained shapes suggestive of fellatio, they sued the original artist.

7. A to Z

7 Similarly to FedEx, Amazon's logo also features a nice little reference to the service the company provides. The orange arrow underneath the text points from A to Z, indicating the huge amount of stock that the online retail giant offers.

6. Just Watching Some Liftoffs

6 This perfume advertisement might be one of the most distasteful (and totally 90's) pieces of marketing ever. And that's before you notice the rocket on the computer screen, firing directly upwards into the young lady's unmentionables.

5. Fun On The Beach

5 Ahh, a nice day at the beach, looks like everyone's having a wonderful day of innocent fun! Wait, why is that man's head there? And what's he doing with that paddle? And what's that going on in the background? If there was an award for visual innuendo, this ad would win it by force of sheer quantity.

4. 'T's Enjoying A Snack

4 Our favourite example of 'people in the letters', Tostitos manages to show off exactly what you're meant to do with their product within the logo. The two 'T's are shaped like people sharing a tortilla chip, while the 'I' handily holds the dipping salsa.
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