20 Stupid Problems You Have No Right To Complain About

Sit down and stop your whinging.

CBSCBSIt's a proven fact: people love to complain, and you best believe that they complain about EVERYTHING: food, relationships, transportation, work, entertainment, and so on... all facets of life are fair game to the grumblers of the world. No matter how large or small an issue is, it will be griped about to within an inch of its life. Even when there's nothing to complain about, people aren't pleased! They will go on about the most mundane and trivial non-issues they can think of until their throats are hoarse. Forget the fact that we live as relatively pampered citizens in in incredibly luxurious society; chronic fault-finders will never be happy. Some exceptionally whiny people even go as far as to groan about things that they have no business groaning about. Minor faults in luxury items? The temperature of food? The sunlight reflecting into your eye? C'mon, none of these are actual issues. Just because a situation isn't ideal doesn't mean it merits a tirade of complaints. Nevertheless, no amount of eye rolls and sarcasm can stop these perpetual bellyachers from making their every grievance heard. The world is incredible. There is beauty everywhere. Technology is remarkable. As Louis C.K. says, EVERYTHING is amazing. So why are we all still moaning about every little thing? Why can't we all just shut up and appreciate the world we live in? Welcome to the age of #firstworldproblems.
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