20 Stupid Problems You Have No Right To Complain About

16. Having "Nothing" To Wear

tina cohen chang glee get over it boo hoo sarcasm20th TelevisionIsn't it horrible when you have places to go, people to see, and nothing to wear? Well, you have a few things, of course - a whole closet of things, to be exact - but it's all wrong. This shirt has a stain on the hem and this one is from last season is too hot for pants and too chilly for shorts, and let's not even start on shoes. Face it: there's absolutely nothing in your entire flat that you could wear and, because of this, everything is terrible. You're just going to have to resign yourself to sitting and sulking amongst the piles of useless garments instead of living your life. Oh, come off it. LOOK AROUND. Nothing to wear? No, you've plenty to wear; what you've nothing of is sense. Stop acting spoilt, put on some d*mn trousers, and go about your day.

15. The Hot Water Running Out During Your Shower

what a girl wants amanda bynes get over yourselfWarner Bros.Poor, poor you. There you were, in the middle of a luxurious shower when, suddenly, the water underwent a horrifying change: in a matter of seconds, the steamy comfort of hot water was replaced by the icy fingers of the Grim Reaper, trickling down your spine. There is no betrayal greater than this. When a shower turns on its user, it is the ultimate treachery. There must be some League of Diabolical Showers, hellbent on ruining the days- nay, the lives- of their owners by luring them in with the promise of relaxing warmth and then assaulting them with frigid misery. Curse you, League of Diabolical Showers! Look, if you've been in the shower long enough for all the hot water to waste away, you are in no position to complain anyway.
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