20 Things Only Bloggers Will Understand

I blog therefore I am... constantly asking people to follow.

When you walk into a restaurant do you instantly ask the waiter 'What's your most Instagrammed meal?' Well, you may very well be a blogger or also known as an obsessed-documentor-of-self. You don't see any problem at all opening up about every little detail of your life on the internet as there is a skill to pouring your heart out on screen and what could be considered stalking has actually been given a more modern name of 'following'. It is a perfectly normal daily routine to take a picture of yourself waking up, another every hour of the day and then one of you snuggled up going to sleep. #adorable. After all a selfie is only worth the taking if it is seen by others. Blogging could be viewed as the most competitive hobby in the world with statistics showing that a new blog is created every half a second, which means that 172,800 new blogs come to life every... single... day. It is evident that a true blogger will not only have to master the art but also compete to stay at the very top of their game. Somewhat inevitably, there's a lot of work involved in the run up to hitting the publish button and plenty of problems that come along with it...

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