20 Things Only Bloggers Will Understand

20. If You Didn't Blog It...Then It Wasn't Worth Happening

Partick Party Starter Gif Imagine if the greatest event in your entire life took place and you didn't have a smartphone near by to take a single photograph. That would be a living nightmare. You can not possibly imagine heading to any event without your notepad, camera, business cards and a fixed smile ready to get a quote from absolutely anybody who looks important enough.

19. Trying To Take A Picture With Friends And They Won't Pose Properly

Toddlers Tiaras Gif

Is there anything more frustrating than when your friends don't have the same self-conscious attitude as yourself? They must have known coming for lunch with one of the most active bloggers in the area meant that this was not just a social occasion but also a blog-update opportunity so why didn't they put their very best clothes on?
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