20 Things Only Eldest Siblings Understand

Nothing could have prepared us.

Sib11 Gif It€™s a fading memory, but you can still recollect a time when all was right in the world: a time when it was just you, your Mum and your Dad. You were the apple of their eye, and they spoilt you rotten, showering you in love and presents. But then they came. Your peaceful existence was shattered and nothing could have been done to prepare you for the overwhelming jealousy that came hand in hand with sharing your parents with a younger sibling, and sometimes they didn€™t even stop at one. Being the eldest does have its advantages; you get to boss them around (which definitely helps in developing a type-a personality), milestones mean more because you got there first, and you never, ever got hand-me-downs. But there is the other side of the coin, and you have to wonder whether the good outweighs the bad or not €“ after all, they got mobile phones before you did, they were constantly put in your care when your parents were busy and because your parents were new to this whole raising children business, they were a lot less competent raising you than your younger siblings. So you're probably a bit broken. It€™s a tough and thankless job being the older sibling and no only child or younger brat will ever understand your woes.
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