20 Things Only Scottish People Would Understand

One of the most loveably infectious yet relentlessly parodied groups of people on earth, there's still so much you don't know.

Whether you are for Scottish Independence or not, one thing is and always has been true - Scotland is a pretty mental place with its own quirks, ways of doing things, and folk who can go from grumpy to delightful at the drop of kilt. They have developed their own way of doing stuff, and if you haven't been brought up surrounded by the sights, sounds and casual swearing, it's going to be very confusing place to exist in. We at WhatCulture are, if nothing else, your friendly guides through the maze of life, holding your trembling hand as you find the point of your miserable existence before you expire. So here we go - 20 Things Only Scottish People Would Understand. At least, until now...

20. The New Year Doesn't Happen Until Phil Cunningham And Aly Bain Say So

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMUjJ_biMn8 For the past two hundred years (approximately), BBC Scotland has welcomed the New Year in with the cleavage of newsreader Jackie Bird, who introduces musicians Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain to bash their instruments about, making odd noises whilst we were all too drunk to notice. Should either musician ever die, it is feared time will simply stand still. If you find yourself at home watching this on Hogmanay, you have reached a very dangerous point in your life. You have not been invited to a Hogmanay party, or if you have, you have decided against spending time with real-life humans. Instead, you are listening to barely tolerable music, waiting for some fat geezer to shoot a cannonball over Edinburgh and then sob into your Irn Bru as everyone in the world sings Auld Lang Syne to their loved ones, leaving you alone and cold, awaiting another year which you pray will bring the sweet, sweet solace of death. Because anything is better than listening to this again.
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