20 Tragically Unexpected Truths You Learn In Your Twenties

Adulthood is hard.

Everybody ages, but hitting your twenties can be something of a rude awakening. Lost forever are the teenage years we all wished away, when turning 18 was basically the holy grail, and gone too are the days of being a student, and with them the incessant mid-week parties, late night library sessions and misconceived ideas of responsibility. When you're in your twenties, things have the ethereal quality of seemingly staying the same, but actually changing massively. People expect more from you, you begin to expect more from you, and there comes €” to quote The Simpsons €” a sudden realisation of great truth. The magic transition we're to undergo from adolescence to adulthood is in fact, a lie. As doe-eyed children, we all believed that adults just knew stuff. After all, they were adults, right? In a crisis they'd have the answers, and if they didn't, you knew it was time to panic. Put simply, adulthood was always representative of authority. So when you finally glide into the mystical realm of the twenties, and you still don't quite feel like a genuine adult that knows stuff, don't panic - you're not alone. It's in these defining years that we have to start trying just a little bit harder at life. We want to maintain important relationships we've built, all the while juggling career prospects (or lack of), a social life and if you're lucky, a love life. There are plenty of unexpected truths we learn in our twenties, but here are 20 particularly tragic ones.
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