20 Weird Celebrity Couples You Won't Believe

Who was laughed all the way into bed?

With Stacey Solomon and Jackass' Steve-O declaring their love for one another, they appear to be another couple that you just wouldn't have ever put together. How did they even meet? Did he give her some weird chat up and line, show her his bum tattoos and then run away? Obviously whatever he did she liked, but how can he tolerate her talking to him without pausing for breath for three or four hours at a time? This guy does shove things up his anus voluntarily for entertainment, so there have been weirder questions. However celebrity gossip is something that gets you through your day, and it can be guaranteed that if you were famous you would hate to see your love life being considered as news, but that still doesn't stop you from hoping that Emma Watson does get together with Prince Harry because what a magically wonderful wedding that would be. Here are a few celebrity couples that you had no idea even knew each other, let alone dated.

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